Stop Polluting Our Green New Deal

As climate protests sweep across Europe, neoliberals are misusing the name “Green New Deal” to push new kinds of market incentives. But only a radical, just and democratic package of policies deserves the name. 

David Adler and me in Jacobin.

Why the Green New Deal is at risk of being watered down

As the Green New Deal grows in popularity, so the risk of its dilution by the politics of the status quo increases. In this piece, David Adler and I challenge those who would co-opt this vision.

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Preparing Children for Life in a Hotter, Less Predictable World

By teaching children to connect everyday experiences to systemic issues and fostering intergenerational dialogue, the Finnish education system is preparing them for the unstable world to come. .

My interview with Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen from the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra for Strelka Magazine.

A Green New Deal for Europe

The Green New Deal is an opportunity for a dramatic transformation of our societies—a just transition to a sustainable and equitable economy based on Keynesianism.

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The European elections could be an opportunity for a transnational Green New Deal 

The 2019 elections to the European Parliament are our opportunity to push a radical green programme onto the agenda of the next European Commission—and we have a precedent for how it could work.

David Adler and me for the New Statesman.

Polish patriots once fought alongside rebelling slaves. Where is that solidarity today? 

In the 1800s, Napoleon sent a cohort of Polish legionnaires to the colony of Saint-Domingue to quell a slave rebellion. The Poles turned against Napoleon and helped Haiti win its independence. Poland could learn from their spirit of solidarity.

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A Dream of Soviet Ape-Men

In 1927, a Parisian newspaper first reported on Ilya Ivanov’s attempts to inseminate women with chimpanzee sperm. The Institute he founded is still active in the forgotten land of Abkhazia.

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